5 Ways to identify a Fake Product while Online Shopping

The numbers of online marketplaces are increasing day by day. Just a few years ago, we didn’t have a single e-commerce website and now every second website is an e-commerce store. No doubt, the idea of selling products online was brilliant but, sometimes solution itself become the problem. The same happening with the concept of online shopping. The cases of fake products being sold on the name of genuine products are rapidly increasing and it’s getting tougher to differentiate between an original product & a fake product. The worst part is that you can only see a pic of the product and it’s almost close to impossible to detect originality of the product just by the seeing a picture.


However, there are ways by which you can get an idea. In this post, we will tell you some tips and tricks to identify a fake product.

1. Is the deal totally unrealistic?

No company would want to go in a loss and offer you a deal out of this world. So, if you getting a deal where you can get the product almost for free or at very low price, then you need to be cautious. Big deals and discounts don’t always mean original product as things can be fishy sometimes. You must have seen those big ads where a website offers as much 75% discount. We are not saying that every deal is a fake one like you can get Vistaprint Coupons and you can easily trust those coupons.

2. Always buy from trusted source.

Not every website offers genuine products. Just because a store is selling products on an online platform doesn’t mean that the products are totally original. Instead of doing shopping from a random online website try to search those products on some trustworthy websites whose name you have heard of.


3. Read Reviews

We agree that reviews are sometimes fake too but, it is very simple to know whether a review is fake or not. Read as many reviews as you can and try to analyse them. You will get a fair idea on which product is fake and which one is original.  Just because you have an askmebazaar coupon doesn’t mean you will buy any product without reading reviews.

4. Read the description

One of the simplest tip to know whether the product is original or not is by reading its description. If the description is full of the words “original”, “genuine”, “real” and words like that, then chances are high that it is a fake product. The reason behind is that the fake product company tries hard to convince the users that the product is original.


5. Check for warranty offered

If you buy a product using Fashionara Coupon and from the official website, you will always get the original product. Original products always come with a warranty as they are confident about their product but, a fake product will never offer you any warranty at all. So, if you are getting a product at a cheaper price and with no warranty at all, it can be a fake product.

You can only be sure about the product only when you receive the product. We have a suggestion for you. Always buy products from websites which offer free replacement or exchange so that if you receive a fake or faulty product, it can be returned or exchanged easily.

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