bizVideo Review

bizVideo Review

The True Power of Video Marketing Begins With the Power of Video

bizVideo Review

bizVideo Review –  The power of video is its ability to grab and then hold onto the viewers’ attention. If you have their attention, you can get your message through. If you get your message through, then your marketing is successful.

Video cannot grab anyone’s attention if they’re not watching. Video cannot drive traffic or generate leads if there are no viewers. And Video is completely powerless if nobody ever sees it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 grossed over 1.3 billion worldwide. In order to do that Warner Bros. released it in thousands of theaters around the world and pushed it out with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. That’s how they got millions of people to see their movie.

You have produced your video, but it cannot magically market itself. You have to create a marketing campaign to get your video out there where people can see it.

That’s is why I want to introduce you to a new powerful video marketing tool called bizVideo.

bizVideo is Easy To Link Your Bizvideo Campaign To Any Online Channel And Everywhere So Everyone Can Find It. A bizVideo campaign is like a multiplex theater. People come to your campaign to see your video much as people come to the movie theater to see a movie.

Interested In? If your answer is YES. Then Let’s find out all details about it in my bizVideo Review Below!

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bizVideo Review – Product Overview:-

Сrеаtоr: Ajay Sagar et al
Рrоԁuсt: bizVideo
Lаunсһ Dаtе: 2020-Sep-16
Lаunсһ Тіmе: 03:00 PM EDT
Оffісіаl ѕіtе:
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $69.95
Rеfunԁ: ҮЕЅ, 14-Dау Money Back Guаrаntее
Nісһе: Video Marketing
Ѕuрроrt: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ: Ніgһlу Rесоmmеnԁеԁ

bizVideo - Overview

bizVideo Review – What Is bizVideo?

bizVideo is a cloud-based video marketing tool that can Easy To Link Your Bizvideo Campaign To Any Online Channel And Everywhere So Everyone Can Find It.

A bizVideo campaign is like a multiplex theater. People come to your campaign to see your video much as people come to the movie theater to see a movie. In a multiplex theater, one movie will be showing on several screens.

Each screen is a different channel such as an email or social media or a web page where they can access your campaign. Maximum Exposure Delivers Maximum Results More People See Your Campaign when it’s on More Channels and Sources That’s How You Grow Your Business with bizVideo.

In a nutshell, bizVideo Harnesses the Power of Online Channels Easily Link Your Campaign with Email, Web Pages, Facebook and More.

What is bizVideo

Don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this bizVideo Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

bizVideo Review – Features & Benefits:-

  ♦    bizVideo brings MARKETING to the video:

bizVideo Feature 1

There are a lot of products to help you create your video. But what do you do with your video when it’s finished? After all, video cannot market itself. All those production products end where video MARKETING begins!

The problem is that your video can not magically market itself. You have to create a marketing campaign to get your video out there where people can see it. bizVideo can put your campaign on millions of screens worldwide.

Getting your video seen is the first job of your video marketing campaign Nothing gets your video seen by more people than bizVideo.

  ♦   Use any video:

Video cannot grab anyone’s attention if they’re not watching. Video cannot drive traffic or generate leads if there are no viewers. And Video is completely powerless if nobody ever sees it.

  ♦   Use all of the social media:

Why restrict your campaign to just one social media platform when you can use them all? Go ahead and post your bizVideo campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap, TikTok, and more. bizVideo is platform agnostic so your campaigns work on all social media platforms.

  ♦   Reach out beyond the virtual world:

bizVideo Feature 4

We all live in the physical world but work and play in the virtual world. So why not extend your video marketing into both? You can place your bizVideo campaign on any channel online anywhere on the Internet. But then bizVideo bridges the gap and lets you extend your marketing out into the physical world. They can access your campaign from physical collateral such as a brochure, sign, or T-Shirt. No other marketing product can do this like bizVideo.

  ♦   Make Changes Any Time:

bizVideo Feature 5

Imagine you are inviting people to an event in your video campaign. You posted your campaign on Facebook, emailed your list, and put it on your web site. But then something happens and you have to reschedule the event to a new date.

With bizVideo’s evergreen links this is not a problem at all. You simply change the date in your video, update your campaign and everyone now sees your updated content. When they open the email, when they look at your Facebook posting, when they click on the link in your web site, they see the new date. With bizVideo, you can change any element of your campaign and never have to reprint or republish any campaign links.

  ♦   Capture viewers’ contact data:

bizVideo Feature 6

A video by itself cannot capture the viewer’s data but bizVideo can. It’s so simple and built right in. No special formatting or media players required. No special apps or extensions to download. And No links to another page. Capture is built right into every bizVideo campaign.

  ♦   Get high-quality leads:

Every bizVideo lead is a high quality, opted in lead. You know they have seen your campaign and were motivated to share their contact data with you. These are the highest quality leads. These are leads that you can convert.

  ♦   Follow up leads FAST:

bizVideo Feature 8

Your chance of converting a lead to a sale is seven-time higher if you respond to that lead within one hour.* bizVideo makes it easy to respond in seconds. Get them while they’re hot.

  ♦   Keep Them Focused on YOUR Message:

bizVideo Feature 9

You want viewers’ attention focused on your video, and only your video. With bizVideo’s Coherent Campaign Interface, there is no other video insight. No distracting ads or videos of rainbow unicorns or flying turtles. Your viewer stays focused on your video, your message. You’ve worked hard to get their attention; you don’t want to lose them now.

  ♦   Capitalize on Their Interest:

Once your video grabs their interest, you want to capitalize on that interest. Fast!
Timing is everything and the best time to ask prospects to share data is when they are the most engaged, at their peak point of interest. That is while they are watching your video and immediately afterward.

  ♦   Highest Conversion Rate:

bizVideo Feature 11

With bizVideo, your conversion rate is high because viewers never leave your campaign. They do not need to click away from your campaign to find the contact form. With bizVideo’s Coherent Campaign Interface, it’s right there on the screen. They can share their contact information, make a comment, or submit a question at any time, even while your video is still playing. No other video marketing product can do that.

Let’s get a looking for bizVideo features comparing to others:

bizVideo comparison

How Can I Monetize bizVideo?

Eleven ways to monetize – Here’s Some Just For Starters:

  • Build your own campaigns to generate high-quality sales leads and grow your business. Each lead is yours alone, not shared or sold to four other people. Every lead is a motivated buyer. Every lead clearly wants and/or has a need for your product or service. These are the leads you can convert to sales.
  • Grow your direct sales by linking your order form or storefront to your campaign. To get the order while they are excited, put your order form link right below your video. You make it easy for them to buy at their peak point of interest.
  • Make money building bizVideo campaigns for clients. Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to build video marketing campaigns with less than half the coverage of bizVideo. You can offer them more channels and add in Offline sources at a fraction of that cost. It’s a very profitable win-win.
  • Do You Produce Videos?
    – Add bizVideo campaign services to your service, offer complete production and marketing packages and sell more videos
    – Add a second revenue stream building bizVideo campaigns for your production customers
  • Use bizVideo to Build Lists for Clients
    – Use bizVideo to supply new prospects for a client’s list or even build complete lists for them
  • While Use bizVideo to Build Lists for Yourself
    – automatic list building with list segmentation and 100% opt-ins make bizVideo your greatest list builder
  • Using bizVideo to generate leads for sales
    – generate and identify the highest quality leads and sell them to others
  • Use bizVideo to build traffic
    – capitalize on their peak interest and link to your web site
  • Build your subscriber base
    – use bizVideo to get new subscribers, they can subscribe right in your campaign
  • Offer campaign services
    – Design, build and run video marketing campaigns for marketing coaches, consultants, and marketing agencies
  • Affiliate sales
    – sell bizVideo to your customers

For more monetizing ideas keep reading…


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bizVideo Review – How Does It Work?

Build Your bizVideo Campaign in Less Than 2 Minutes In Three simple Steps :

1# Step – Give your campaign a title


2# – Add your video


3# – Add your offer



get access to bizVideo

Bonus-bizVideo Review

You will get Six Bonus Features Built into your bizVideo Campaign;

bizVideo Bonus 1bizVideo Bonus 3bizVideo Bonus 4bizVideo Bonus 6bizVideo Bonus 6


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bizVideo Review – Pricing And Evaluation:-

For a limited time, you can grab bizVideo with early bird discount prices in these options below. Let’s pick the best-suited options for you before this special offer is gone!

Frond-End:  bizVideo SUBSCRIPTIONS ($69.95 – $149.85)  >>Click Here To Get<<

    +  bizVideo 1 Month Basic – $69.95 – >>More Details<<

    +  bizVideo 3Month Advantage – $149.85 – >>More Details<<

Let’s look at the bizVideo packages you will be getting two options in these campaigns:

bizVideo recap FE

Buy your bizVideo account today and receive an offer that expands the reach of your video marketing. Each is presented only One Time in this campaign.

You see exclusive programs designed to supercharge your video campaigns generating two or three times the number of new leads, opt-ins, or sales. Watch for the offer when you sign up and be sure to take advantage of this great marketing opportunity.

What Are You Waiting For? Build Your First bizVideo Campaign And Start Growing Your Business Today!

Take Advantage of this Early Launch Pricing. You will able to get 70% Off from the Regular Pricing. you can easily ask for a refund during the 14 days of using if you feel that does not satisfy the right of you. So you will be 100% Risk-Free!

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Besides the FE version, you can enjoy more features with these OTOs here:

OTO #1 -bizVideo Double Punch ($40.00)  >>Click Here<<

   +   750 additional views**

+   5 additional GB storage**

+   1 additional active campaign**

OTO #2 – bizVideo Deluxe ($20.00)   >>Click Here<<

+   500 additional views**

+   5 additional GB storage**

OTO #3 – bizVideo Triple Punch ($144.00) >>Click Here<<

+   2000 additional views**

+   5 additional GB storage**

+   2 additional active campaign**

OTO #4 – bizVideo Elite ($77.00)  >>Click Here<<

+   1000 additional views**

+   1 additional active campaign**

Order-Now-bizVideo Review

Note-bizVideo Review

Learn-More-bizVideo Review

bizVideo Review – Who Should Buy This?

bizVideo combines the platform for building your campaign with a multi-channel delivery and tracking system including data capture, CRM and so much more (see table above).

To build a product with all the features and capabilities of bizVideo, you would need to hire a team of:

    •  Marketing product designers
    •  Systems architects
    •  Programmers
    •  Testing engineers
    •  UI designers
    •  Wrap programmers
    •  Procure development hardware systems
    •  Procure platform hosting

and a lot more…

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bizVideo Review – Pros And Cons:-


    +  Drive More Traffic & Build Bigger Lists

    +  bizVideo campaigns provide unlimited access

    +  Greater access means more views

    +  More views generate more subscribers, opt-ins, leads, and sales

    +  And that means more dollars for you

    +   14-Day Money-back Guarantee


   This Pricing is only for this Launch Period after that you have to pay higher.

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bizVideo 100% Is Recommended!!

This is the end of my bizVideo Review. I hope that my article will lend you a hand in choosing the right tool for your business.

Well, I bet that you want to own bizVideo now. So, click the sales button now before the price goes up.



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